Hitpulse Membership Agreement

This policy was last updated on Friday August 8, 2003.

When you become a member of HitPulse.com, you agree to be bound by the following terms of agreement. These terms are in place to keep HitPulse.com a friendly and respectable place to earn free traffic. Most of these terms will never apply to the majority of our members however it is important that you are familiar with them.

1) Any individual, company, or other organization may hold only ONE membership to HitPulse.com and that membership is NON-TRANSFERRABLE.

2) HitPulse.com reserves the right to refuse membership or cancel the membership of any member found to be abusing the service in any way. This includes but is NOT limited to any of the following actions:

A) using, promoting, or linking to any of the automatic surfing programs, software, etc.
B) using your surf link for anything other than your own personal surfing of our network. This includes posting your surf link with other traffic exchanges as well as putting your surf link in a rotator on our network. Please understand that we will NOT accept pleas of innocence in defence of such action.
C) putting your hitpulse referral link in rotation in our network in an attempt to gain extra power points.
D) any other action which we deem to be innapropriate and harmful to our traffic network.

Any account in violation of any such actions will be terminated immediately without notice. Any member who has had their membership terminated will lose all hits owing to them and will NOT be allowed to join again.

3) HitPulse.com will not be responsible for "lost" or "misdirected" hits, nor for the "loss" or incorrect placement of members in another member's downline, regardless of the cause, including negligence

4) HitPulse.com accepts NO liability with respect to any actions taken or expressed by any of our members on any other members or their websites. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your website is secure.

5) HitPulse.com will not be held responsible for any damages, loss of data, or other problems associated with the use of our website or the viewing and use of other members' websites (this should never be a concern, but we still need to address the issue).

6) Members may only advertise their site if it is TOTALLY free from any pornographic, racist, illegal (such as warez, pyramid schemes, etc) or other inappropriate material, which includes linking to such material. Furthermore, you must ensure that your site does NOT prompt the user to download anything and does NOT attempt to set the users home page or ask to do so. Finally, your site must be at least 90% in English. HitPulse.com will immediately terminate the membership of any member found to be advertising any such inappropriate site and this member may be subjected to prosecution according to local laws.

7) HitPulse.com makes NO guarantee that any or all the sites posted by our members will be free from pornographic, racist, or other inappropriate material (as stated in clause 6 above). HitPulse.com does make every effort to ensure that ALL sites are free from such material, however we can not guarantee this to be the case.

8) SPAM (unsolicited advertising) of any sort is NOT permitted when recruiting new members. Any members found to be spamming will have their membership revoked and will be subjected to local laws.

9) We do NOT allow sites that include any special code causing multiple pop-ups, pop-unders, additional pages to load, or other such annoying forms of additional advertising. Since we are allowing you to advertise a SINGLE website (and the members only agreed to view a SINGLE website), we consider multiple pop-ups to be equivalent to SPAM and we will treat it as such. In very extreme and deliberate circumstances this may include reporting it to authorities.
****NOTE: As we have mentioned we do NOT allow multiple pop-ups, however we will allow a SINGLE      pop-up only on the condition that it meets the following criteria:

A) The pop-up must take up a MAXIMUM of 50% of the total screen size. It can NOT be full size as that obscures the main window.
B) The pop-up must display the "X" in the top right hand corner to permit the user to delete it with ease.
C) The pop-up must NOT give rise to any other pop-ups, pop-unders, etc. as it is closed.
D) The pop-up must meet all the same criteria as the main website you are advertising.

These modifications were made to accomodate the great variety of users that we have including those whose website is hosted on a free server that requires a small pop-up in order to use their service for free. We hope that we have been able to best suit the needs of the majority of our members.

10) We do NOT allow sites that include a code causing them to "take over" the top frame of the window thereby removing our bar at the top. We have provided a "framebreaker" test in your account manager so that you can test your site yourself to be sure that it does not break out of the frame. Please test your site immeditely following your account activation if you are not sure.

11) Members should note that there is a bandwidth limitation placed on their referral link. The limitation allows all free accounts to send 1,000 visitors to their referral link every day (500 every 12 hours), and all Premium accounts to send 4,000 visitors to their referral link every day (2,000 every 12 hours). Once a member has exceeded this limitation, all other visitors sent to their referral link will be directed to an error page and the member will NOT receive any credit for the visitor. This limitation is in place because of the size of the member base and in an effort to keep costs down (thereby preventing the need to increase membership prices), as well as to keep the servers running fast for all members. Hitpulse will NOT assume responsibility for lost revenues or money lost in advertising costs due to this limitation. Please note that although we allow members to send up to 4,000 hits per day to their referral link, it does not mean that we are offering credits or power points for all these hits. Please refer to the terms of your membership to see what you actually can earn from your referral hits.

**NOTE: any member found to be breaking any of these conditions will have their membership revoked without notice and they will lose all credits associated with that account (this includes any additional credits purchased as well as purchased banner exposures). Bottom line is do NOT violate these and you will be fine. These measures are in place to maintain the integrity of the advertising for ALL members as well as those who are purchasing advertising with us. We WILL enforce these measures, no questions asked.

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time without notice. It is the member's responsibility to check here periodically for any updates. The continuance of your membership indicates your continued acceptance to these terms including any and all updates made to them. If you no longer aggree to these terms, then you may cancel your membership at any time by logging into your account and under your account settings, click on the button to delete your account. Deleting your account is NON-reversible..

As a member of HitPulse.com you agree to be bound by these terms.

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